Multiple Sclerosis Team

About Us

The Jaffe Multiple Sclerosis Center provides the latest diagnostic and therapeutic services for patients with multiple sclerosis and other disorders of the central nervous system. About Us

Our comprehensive, individualized medical care is delivered by a team of leading specialists.

Patient Care

We provide compassionate patient care and personalized medicine, orchestrating contributions from a team of world-renowned neurology specialists to stop and reverse the progression of multiple sclerosis, while addressing the emotional, cognitive and rehabilitative needs of patients and their families. Patient Care

Our specialists provide state-of-the-art treatment for all major demyelinating disorders.

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The nurse is so great. She has no problem finding a vein or getting blood. She’s so sweet and happy all the time. She’s fun to talk to. Love her!



Apr 30

The Diane Goldman Kemper and Robin Kemper Multiple Sclerosis Wellness Seminar Series

Apr 30 to 7:30pm
Let's Talk Bone Health! Lecture Topic: "Optimizing Bone Health In Multiple Sclerosis" Speaker: Dr. Panagiota Andreopoulou, M.D. A recording of...

May 01

Neurology Grand Rounds

May 01 to 9:30am
Lecture Topic: "Evolving trends in treatment of multiple sclerosis: review of the evidence base and the case for an interventional trial" Ellen M...