The Weill Cornell Medicine Multiple Sclerosis Center uniquely integrates preclinical research with clinical research and trials. Clinical scientists working in concert with molecular biologists, immunologists and neuroscientists focus their efforts on solving the major problems of MS. Our research efforts include:

  • Determination of the molecular basis of MS myelin regeneration.
  • Identification of drugs that promote myelin regeneration via high-throughput screens of small molecule libraries.
  • Definition of environmental causes of MS in the context of molecular and populational genetics.
  • Development of highly sensitive and specific MRI techniques to quantify myelin in humans.
  • Development of molecular imaging techniques that specifically measure myelin, axons and inflammation at high resolution.
  • Clinical trials investigating highly specialized drugs aimed at preventing inflammation and providing neuroprotection for MS patients.

Weill Cornell Medicine Multiple Sclerosis Center 1305 York Ave., Second Floor New York, NY 10021