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Inflammation in the Meninges of MS patients

The brain is encased and protected by three layers of covering called meninges.The layer directly covering the brain, including every folding of the brain is named pia, the next layer is the arachnoid, and these two layers are called the leptomeninges.The outer meningeal layer is the dura, which is like a sleeve around the brain.Immune cells are present in healthy meninges and contribute to healthy immune surveillance of these structures.Several studies suggest that inflammation can occur in...

A New Look at Old Lesions: Ongoing Research on Chronic Active MS lesions

Physicians assess the neurological examination and MRI to determine the stability of a patient with multiple sclerosis (MS). Many times, new lesions will enhance with contrast, which represents new inflammation derived from immune cells moving from the blood into the central nervous system (brain and spine). If a patient has no new lesions, a physician will generally consider them stable and responding to therapy; interestingly, chronic, or older lesions are never considered in this assessment....

Ocrelizumab and Pregnancy in MS Patients

Women with multiple sclerosis are many times thinking about having children.They are worried about whether their illness will get worse, they can get pregnant on their medications and whether their children will get multiple sclerosis. Make sure to talk to your MS physician because some of the most important questions involve your particular case, including how active it is, timing of pregnancy and the particular medication you are on to control your illness. Your children will not develop...

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