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Immunosenescence and relevance for MS

Immunosenescence refers to age related changes in the immune system. This results in a weaker and more dysregulated immune system. It makes the individual more vulnerable to infections and malignancies and increased risk autoimmunity.Understanding these changes are becoming more and more relevant as life expectancy, including those of patients with multiple sclerosis is becoming longer, with consequences for how MS itself behaves over time and also the implications for disease modifying...

Weill Cornell MS center infusion suite

I welcome to the Infusion RoomAt the Judith Jaffe MS Center intravenous medications are administered on varied schedules by one of two tall nurses: I am Oasia, your regular nurse. Welcome. I'll greet you when you arrive, tell you all about your day and answer your questions (the more philosophical the better)Time in the Room is as short as one hour or as long as seven in a day. For some, it’s time to work and for others, time to nap. I liken it to a layover: you eat your snacks, play with your...

What is blood brain barrier?

The blood brain barrier (BBB) is an essential component of healthy brain function. As the name suggests, specialized cells create a highly selective barrier that separates the blood and blood-borne materials from entering the brain.This barrier is necessary because many blood-borne materials are neuro-toxic and can inhibit or damage normal brain function.  In addition, the BBB also prevents potentially harmful immune cells from entering the brain and causing tissue damage.  The BBB is comprised...

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