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COVID-19 Vaccine Recommendation for MS Patients

These are our recommendations regarding COVID-19 vaccination for our MS patients as of Jan 8, 2021. As more information becomes available, we will update it. The two vaccines that are currently approved, ( pfizer and moderna) have no specific contra-indication for patients with MS or on immunesuppressive treatmentWith regard to the impact of disease modifying therapies patients may be taking, it is advised that they continue their injectable or oral medications without interruption.With regard...

Severity of COVID-19 Infection in MS patients

In a large study of 347 patients in a French MS registry in France, the risks associated with more severe COVID-19 disease were similar to that in the general population -age and obesity, progressive disease and more severe baseline disability. Among the DMTs, the more immunosuppressive treatments were associated with more severe COVID-19 disease. Even though the numbers were small, among 4 patients in this analysis who required mechanical ventilation, three were on anti-CD20 targeted therapy...

Patient Safety is our priority as we continue to re-expand services at the MS center

During the lockdown in New York state, our services at the MS center was scaled down, but continued. We were available for urgent visits and patients who were on infusion treatments that needed to be adninistred, continued to get them on schedule at our center.After New York re-emerged from the lock down, services at the MS center have been gradually increased under utmost precautions and keeping patient safety as topmost priorty.We are pleased with how this careful phased re-expansoin of care...

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