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MOG Antibody-Associated Disease ( MOGAD)

Myelin Oligodendrocyte glycoprotein ( MOG) antibody associated disease is now being recognized as an unique entity different from multiple sclerosis and Neuromyelitis opticaIt is also a central nervous system inflammatory disease like MS and NMOIt is defined by high titers of serum MOG-AbCan have a monophasic or relapsing course.About 50 % of the time it is monophasic.Persistent high serum titers of MOG-ab increases the likelihood of having relapses.Characterized more commonly by presentation...

Menopause, cognition, and MS

The proportion of female MS patients who will go through menopause constitue a significant number. Cognitive disturbances such as brain fog, lack of focus as well as memory loss are some of the most common complaints during the menopausal period with a high prevalence which impacts personal life and work of even healthy women.A recent paper underscores that cognitive decline is greater in older MS patients compared to older healthy individuals, providing evidence that the combination of aging...

MS and cognition and early Cardiovascular Disease

Multiple sclerosis is a lifelong disease with genetic and environmental influences.The clinical symptoms and progression of symptoms vary between individuals.Leg weakness and ambulatory difficulties predominate in patient’s minds and are the most difficult problem for some.Other patients will struggle with cognitive abilities and fatigue. Disease modifying therapy has been demonstrated to prevent acute relapses which has helped with progression of motor disability scores at least in short term...

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