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Migraines and Multiple Sclerosis

Hot, humid days are bad for migraine! Migraines are a common neurological problem that can interfere with a person’s ability to function.The individual has a hypersensitive cerebral cortex. Their brain is just more sensitive to all sensory inputs.  They are sensitive to lights, noise, smells and movement and sometimes one sensory modality more than others.This hypersensitivity may be pervasive and manifest without the headache phase. They may have transient visual loss that is bright and...

Multiple Sclerosis and Genetics

On one hand many newly diagnosed multiple sclerosis (MS) patients ask why they are the first ones in their family with MS. On the other hand, we see patients where one or more family members have the disease. MS is not a classically inherited disease; however, the risk of developing MS is higher for siblings or children of a person with MS than for the general population. The lifetime risk of MS in first-degree relatives of MS patients is estimated at 3%. Important knowledge also comes from...

Anti-CD20 Therapies for African American Vs Caucasian Americans with Relapsing MS

We did a study to examine the efficacy of all B cell targeted therapies ( ocrelizumab, rituximab, ofatumumab) on AfricanAmerican MS (AAMS) patients and Caucasian American MS (CAMS) patients.I did this study under the mentorship of Dr Jai Perumal. 

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