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Navigating MS Together

Hi, my name is Romae, and I recently joined the team of providers at the Weill Cornell  Multiple Sclerosis Center as your new patient navigator. I am elated to be a part of your support system and I look forward to enhancing your care. The more support you have, the easier it becomes to navigate the complexity of our healthcare system. During my time at the MS Center, I’ve realized the importance of advocating on your behalf which will require a multifaceted approach that will address your...

What are Patient Reported Outcomes ( PRO)s?

Patient Reported Outcomes ( PRO)s are becoming increasingly important for patient care.PROs are defined as data that is related to a disease state that comes directly from the patient without interpretation from a clinician or anyone else. This kind of data is especially important for a chronic illness and even more so for an illness like multiple sclerosis which can have fluctuating symptoms with "good days" and "bad days." If we are able to capture this data at several points in time it would...

Inflammation in the Meninges of MS patients

The brain is encased and protected by three layers of covering called meninges.The layer directly covering the brain, including every folding of the brain is named pia, the next layer is the arachnoid, and these two layers are called the leptomeninges.The outer meningeal layer is the dura, which is like a sleeve around the brain.Immune cells are present in healthy meninges and contribute to healthy immune surveillance of these structures.Several studies suggest that inflammation can occur in...

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