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COVID-19 Vaccine Recommendation for MS Patients

These are our recommendations regarding COVID-19 vaccination for our MS patients as of Jan 8, 2021. As more information becomes available, we will update it.


The two vaccines that are currently approved, ( pfizer and moderna) have no specific contra-indication for patients with MS or on immunesuppressive treatment

With regard to the impact of disease modifying therapies patients may be taking, it is advised that they continue their injectable or oral medications without interruption.

With regard to patients taking ocrelizumab or natalizumab,  we will discuss at an individual level about adjusting/coordinating vaccination and infusion schedules.

 As to if we will offer the vaccines- The vaccine roll out for the next phase is not yet clearly outlined by the state administration.  But as of now, the MS center will not be part of the vaccination program.

 With regard to the CDC defined Phase Ic recommendation for prioritizing patients with "underlying medical conditions" - this category has not yet been clearly defined and once guidelines are published for eligibility to meet this criteria, we can provide patients with information and documentation as needed.


Jai S Perumal

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