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High Dose Biotin again showed benefit in progressive multiple sclerosis in a small study in France

Jonathan Ciron, MD from Toulouse France presented their clinical findings in first 91 patients with primary or secondary progressive multiple sclerosis followed for one year on 300 mg day.

They looked at EDSS, 25 foot timed walk, 9 hole peg test , number of relapses and gad lesions on MRI.

Mean age was 59 yr, 61% were females. Mean EDSS was 5.9. An EDSS of 6 means needing cane to walk.

After 1 year, 23% of patients improved on EDSS and 23% improved on 25 foot timed walk.

This high dose vitamin therapy was well tolerated .  The medication appears to be effective for some patients with progressive multiple sclerosis with improvement in their clinical status!

The study was presented at ECTRIMS, October 2018


Nancy Nealon, MD

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