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Patient Safety Measures as we re-expand patient care at the Weill Cornell Multiple Sclerosis Center during the COVID19 Pandemic

Patient safety is utmost on our mind as we continue to provide the best care we can for our patients at the MS Center. We have put serious thought into this and have a meticulous plan to maintain a sterile environment and put in place practices that will decrease exposure risk for patients and staff

 The following is a list of procedures and practices that will be observed

 1. Prior to in-person visits, patients will be screened for symptoms suspicious for COVID19 infection, and patients reporting any such symptom will be re-scheduled or given the option of remote video visit

 2. Temperature scan on arrival at the center for all patients

 3. Strict enforcement of social distancing ( 6 ft) will be maintained throughout the visit to the center- waiting areas, hallways/infusion room

 4. Visitors are not allowed to accompany patients in order to keep occupancy low, unless a chaperon is deemed necessary for the visit

 5. Patients and staff will wear masks at all times

 6 Patients who require infusions/MRIs will be scheduled for follow-up visit the same day whenever feasible for patient convenience and decrease travel

 7. Staff and patients will wear gloves during direct patient contact

 8. Surfaces will be sanitized frequently and thoroughly

 9. Infusion room occupancy has been carefully planned and scheduled so as the maintain physical distancing and decrease exposure risk

 10. We would also like to reiterate, that we continue to provide Telemedicine/video visits for both, new and follow up patients.

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