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Patient Safety is our priority as we continue to re-expand services at the MS center

During the lockdown in New York state, our services at the MS center was scaled down, but continued. We were available for urgent visits and patients who were on infusion treatments that needed to be adninistred, continued to get them on schedule at our center.

After New York re-emerged from the lock down, services at the MS center have been gradually increased under utmost precautions and keeping patient safety as topmost priorty.

We are pleased with how this careful phased re-expansoin of care has progressed and wanted to provide our patients an update on the current status.

Even as we continue to provide video visits for both new and established patients, we are availabe on all weekdays for in-person visits as well. We continue to see increasing numbers of patients, both new and establised in person. Patient visits and infusion treatments that were postponed due to the lock down are now being carried out and administered.

As we all adapt and learn to function optimally in the "new normal" which likey will last several months, re-exapnsion of services has procceded safely and smoothly.

We had made meticulous plans before expanding care and we have been able to continue to stricly enforce safety protocols. To re-iterate, patients and staff are screened prior to arrival at the center. A temperature scan is done before patients enter the waiting area. All patients must have face masks on arrival at entrance to the building ( patients without a mask are provided one). Face masks are worn thoughout their visit at the center. We have stricly enfored physcial distancing in the waiting areas and the infusion room. Patient examination rooms are sanitized between visits. We are pleased and grateful that patients and staff have been cognizant of the times and vigilant, and worked together to ensure and maintain safetly protocols deiligently.

We hope this is as reassuring to our patietns as it has been for us. We hope and continue to strive to provide the best care for our patients in the safest possible manner.

Jai S Perumal MD

Weill Cornell Medicine Multiple Sclerosis Center 1305 York Ave., Second Floor New York, NY 10021